Betting Solution

Portalys is a tested and trusted name in the provision of functional softwares for the betting industry. The combination of the latest technological tools we use in our designs has continued to put us far ahead of competitors and giving our clients cutting edge advantage. With Portalys, you are fully assured of a comprehensive platform, loaded with every facility guaranteed to boost and increase your betting revenue. We are proud to have provided the edge for many leading betting companies. Let's give you a taste of what we can do, get in touch with us now.



Business Solution

We are experts, not just masters, in turning great ideas and dreams into profitable imagination. We use the most modern of technological tools to exploit the unlimited but complex opportunities in modern business. Right from the planning to the implementation stage we remain focused on the proper mix of human value and factor with the rapid changes in the world of technology.

Business solutions


Mobile Application

With the advent of smart phones, Mobile Applications are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Every company wants to have more and more mobile apps, so that they can attract more traffic to their company's website which further helps in generating profit. Portalys offers customized Mobile Application development services to its clients. The applications are user friendly and help in increasing the bottom line. We have developed mobile applications for a wide array of smart phones.

mobile solutions


Web Solution

We design your imaginations. Our designs for websites and applications are unique in the industry. Our Web Designs are a mixture of Creative Skills and Technical Process. We use latest technologies like CSS, DHTML, XHTML, etc. to build a website. The dedicated team of website designers produce optimum website that loads fast and is easy to use. The website design should have best Graphic User Interface (GUI) and we keep this thing in Mind while designing a website.

Web solution