Our Solution

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POPP is a complete pool betting solution designed to allow you link and harmonies your promoting operations no matter the geographical spread. It is built around a dynamic website that allows the display of different coupon types and services round the clock. The website allows the submission of stakes directly to the POPP servers, from any part of the world. With its dynamic agents system, POPP allows you to effectively manage your agents, no matter their number or physical distance. Their coupons are sent without any form of delay through the most secured platform.

Central to the design of POPP is the need to put at the disposal of our clients, a plethora of advantages other packages may not be able to achieve. Foremost is the desire for a highly secured platform that will greatly improve management efficiency, drastically reduce your overhead and running cost, to boost sales which will translate to greater profits. POPP is surely guaranteed to take you to a higher level above your competitors.

With a development philosophy hinged on our CORE platform, we give you a highly integrated suite of applications running from our secured serversoutside Nigeria. You are assured of an easy tracking system which gives you timely statistics on betting activities with a retinue of automatic daily reports. As far as the pools industry is concerned, we shall give you a simple to use, but highly versatile application that will surpass your expectations. Our mission is to be the best high tech company in our area of specialization by delivering premium service to our clients.